HIGH ALTITUDE | Career Intermediate

A business meeting


(2-5 years in the workforce) After gaining a few years in a specific field, your employer is less likely to supervise you closely, and you are looking for more opportunities to work independently and could have been promoted to a Team Lead.


What is included?
Intermediate Level Resume
20 minute session with Career Coach

PRICE:  $75.00 via invoice

Finding your first role, changing jobs, or aiming for a promotion can be an exciting, challenging,
and sometimes daunting process. Arrow Staffing Solutions has worked with hundreds of clients
from a variety of backgrounds to provide professionally written and well-structured resumes
customized and tailored to your desired role.
We are passionate, inspirational, and enthusiastic about enabling people at all levels to reach
their full potential. Our professional resume writers are also Hiring Managers with expertise in
evidence-based methods of drawing the reader’s attention to your hidden talents and skills.


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