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Temporary Staffing

Arrow Staffing Solution LLC has a strong business focus on the Contract Staffing market as we understand the potential it offers to organizations to better manage their workforce.

We provide quality staffing solutions - temporary and flexible workforce to clients across industries enabling them to manage their workforce more effectively and economically.

Arrow Temporary Staffing helps clients in the following areas:

    Deploying manpower only when it is required
    Accommodating cyclical workloads and projects
    Reducing fixed cost overheads
    Assessing performance before offering permanent employment
    Recruiting resources
    Helps clients in managing statutory compliance

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Permanent Placement

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Our experience in permanent staffing has allowed us to exceed our clients’ expectations in finding top quality personnel. Our innovative approach to recruitment allows us to fill orders on short notice, as well as meet our client’s specialized needs.

Arrow Staffing Solutions produces fast and accurate responses to our clients needs with exceptional knowledge of our candidates helping to identify the best talent for roles across various levels in your organization while operating on a no win no fee basis.

Bulk Hiring / Mass Recruitment

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Arrow Staffing Solutions understands that Bulk Hiring requires a number of permutations and collaborative efforts to successfully mass recruit. Experienced HR Project Management will oversee the entire recruitment needs of the client, arranging walk-in drives, along with providing best sourcing strategies to stay competitive.


Our Bulk Hiring Experts work closely in tandem with the Hiring Manager in order to accurately gauge the hiring needs, career profiling, devise strategies and complete selection procedures to maximize the number of successful prospects. We have a dedicated team of recruitment experts to handle your Bulk Hiring needs at all times.

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